Split Second Murders (死神傻了) movie review

Split Second Murders (死神傻了) movie review

This was a cold spotter... I saw it on a paid TV channel and it was offered for free, and being piqued by the title, I proceed to give it a shot... if the dearth of good scripts and stories in Hong Kong movies is causing concern, this movie will go some way towards alleviating such worries.

The ensemble is a collection of the coolest people in showbiz and includes some of the hottest actors, singers but with such an ensemble, you worry if it's all looks and no acting chops... However director Herman Yau does a splendid job, helped by a rather unusual script. The story is told through the eyes and imagination of the protagonist, Ah Luk, a struggling comic strip artist, looking for his break. There is good chemistry between the actors, and the addition of some heavyweights help to lend some real acting skills, although the "Young, Hot and Beautiful" assembly also show that they can do better than just pout and pose. All in all you will not know that they are newcomers to the acting world.

Look for the dark humor, the twists and the way the show is able to wrap itself up neatly, proving food for thought, and yet able to make you laugh whilst stimulating your mind. Clever, funny, and most importantly, entertaining.

Plot: 4/5
There is minimal action, this being a "talkie".
Chick Factor: more than 4 solid lookers heat up the screen, and they range from the simply hot who can raise the room temperature by a few degrees each time they appear on screen, to the saccharine sweet sort. Fun for everyone 4/5
Should you buy, rent or avoid this?
Well I reckon it will withstand a few viewings, so its worth buying when the price is right.


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