Good demos to show sonic integration in your HT system

So you have either sat down and decided what you want or plonked money down instead of mere chit chat and got that set delivered to your home.

Now comes the litmus test. Sonic integration is more than a press button thing of the auto-Eq of your amp and then hoping for the best.

Two of my fav tracks to see if the placement is right or there is good transition of sound are:

Gladiator - when the large ball is swung round. If your five or more channels is done right you will hear the swoosh of the ball go smoothly from one speaker to the other with no gaps or holes.

Band of brothers:
The assault on the 88mm guns. Here things are really busy and you hear bullets fly front to back. Sideways and the thud of explosions sometimes all at once. Also hear the ambient noises before they jump off the plane. The ricochet of bullets hitting the planes.

Sherlock Holmes :
The meat factory
Hear the villain's voice travel round - is it convincing ? Tiny sats will have trouble recreating the deep human voice to the same sound all round. Then appreciate the control explosions that follow.


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