Turn down the noise levels!


This is an observation and not a criticism of anyone nor a slight of anyone's system.

But too often when we visit showrooms, or even other members homes, the thing which sticks out is the noise floor.

What's that?

The ambient noise levels are rather high in some homes. This pushes the member to turn up the volume, in a bid to compensate. What happens is the owner goes deaf, but does not necessarily improve his or her listening experience. Details are actually lost, and you lose the ability to hear things like leaves rustlings, dust, clinking of armour, or the drawing of swords.

Do these subtle cues which add tension or atmosphere mean anything to you? Well that's for you to decide. I find these add a lot to a movie, and with the right bass tension, you will enjoy the movie more.

There are also brothers who feel the bass and the ability to feel it, and make the entire room or HDB block shake is a pre-requisite of a good HT system. Well then this post isn't for you.

Try making the room as quiet as you can. You may find that you will not need to turn up the volume so high, and as a consequence, your spouse, neighbors will be grateful and yet you retain that enjoyment....

Or simply try a quiet track and see if you enjoy it....

Try "alone in the dark" From Benjamin Button

I have no financial interest or other interests in any of the items / events I write about.

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