Circuits, Power Bricks, Conditioners, distributors and more - definitions

Just a quick post on the capabilities and definitions of each item:

A distributor:
- DOES NOT offer protection at all - it allows you to plug in a few sockets

Surge protection:
Now if the afore mentioned item has this, then you can consider that it offers some level of protection against sudden current surges. But also note, even the best ones will warn that there is a limit to it's protection, and a full whack of lightning may still destroy delicate equipment. So if you are worried unplug it.

Apart from the hair variety... this tends to ameliorate current fluctuations but it may not be the best thing if you have a high current item, such as a power amp - which may be better off getting the full current, the risks not withstanding.

Some distributors/conditioners also contain filters which are intended to "clean up" the current, but in certain cases, and in particular the cheaper tend to have a deleterious effect on the sound, so caveat emptor...

Read carefully on the specs and what your intend item does, and audition it if possible, and also try out the various sockets to see which one has the best balance of sound and protection for your equipment...


I have no financial interest or other interests in any of the items / events I write about.


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