Horrible Bosses – movie review

Horrible Bosses – movie review

Have you ever wanted to kill your boss? Felt that life was totally insufferable under that tyrant, who threatens to drain the life out of you, because he/she was a total idiot, a maniac and yet held your career in their hands? Well here is a dark comedy which tries to put all those dreams of getting rid of your boss into a movie reality.

A lawyer friend invites me along and I have no real idea what to expect, except that it might be about a bunch of losers, and how they plot to get rid of their bosses. That idea has been made into movies before and murder plots to rid people of their tyrants have also been done many times. In fact the show does mentioned the show “Throw Mama Off The Train”, which is one example of this genre.

Even so, the show does manage to put a fresh spin on this, and with some really tight and skillful scripting and a clever twist to the plot, plus a cast which really was well chosen for their roles and you have a show, which is dark, misogynistic, slightly homophobic and a load of laughs. You do feel guilty about it, as the show is literally showered with F Bombs, and so many vulgarities, that it makes a Quentin Tarantino movie look like the Sound of Music. And I do feel it could have succeeded without the endless shower of crude language.

Jennifer Aniston is the cougar, and the sex crazed boss, Kevin Spacey is the tyrant boss from hell, and Colin Ferrel is the idiotic scion son boss who takes over when his father dies suddenly. Each one is a superb stereotype and they are well chosen and in particular, Kevin Spacey really resembles those terrible bosses we all love to hate, and I am sure many in the audience will know a boss or two who is like this man. He is worth every penny they paid him for his role. Jennifer Aniston ditches the dumb blond roles, and she dyes her hair brunette for this and she shows that she is capable of more than looking dumb and blond.

The three unfortunate, bumbling employees are Jason Bateman, Charlie Day and Jason Sudeikis. They each play someone you can relate to, and emphatise with, just as you laugh at their amateur attempts to come up with a plot to murder their respective bosses. You also see their individual flaws, foibles and they look like they were meant for their roles.

So often, we use stereotypes and well worn storylines with no originality, but this movie does put a twist on it, and despite the extreme use of vulgarities that at times will leave even the most jaded person gasping, the story works. My lawyer friend’s sister will certainly be more circumspect about joining her for future movies and another guy looks like he just spend an even with the anti-Christ for watching this, but will feel even more guilty because he laughed along so hard, that it only made it more awkward if ever anyone were to ask if he watched the show.

The plot is refreshing as it is dark and crude, there is some reference to drug use, sexual innuendoes and there will be those in the audience who will take offence with not only the language but the whole story, yet, the plot holds promise for those who are willing to filter out the carnal assault on your ears and see that the caricatures are so real and parallel to our real lives.

It will not be the kind of show for a first date certainly, and you won’t want to bring your kids (Rated R anyway) or mum/dad to it.

I reckon that those who enjoy a dark comedy and are willing to submit themselves to a pummeling of F Bombs, will be able to go beyond the verbal garbage to find a rather excellent plot.


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