F1 2011

It's Vettel's season to lose, he entered this race with a wide margin between him and the nearest contenders.
Within seconds of the start, he powers to a commanding lead, and from then, he essentially leads from start, all the way to finish.

The crash by Schumie was a vain attempt by a past champion, trying something risky, which he could have pulled off in his heyday, but he also showed that his time was up and his stunt only managed to make him crash into the back of another car.

So it ends Vettel, Button, Webber...
Comfortable win for V, tremendous fight by W for second but B takes runner up. Loud loud race, from the high pitch whine to bass explosions ...
If you have dinner in the Padang you will be surrounded bu a cacophony of sound. Someone should make this into a Blu Ray Disc.

And for the third year running the safety car is brought out as Schumie decides to get intimate with the barrier wall ....

Hardly my best effort... the cars were simply too fast... and the fact that I could barely catch a glimpse of Vettel's car is endemic of his speed:


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