Rear speaker cables and cables in general - budgetting

 Rear speaker cables and cables in general.

Someone asked me about what rear cables to buy, and I reckon more can benefit if I post it here.

There has been a rough rule of thumb, which is to spend about a tenth of your budget on cables in general. So following on this, if you have a mid-level or budget amp, you may want to get something simple, that costs <$3/m.

There are many options from Belden, QED, chord and many more. I have a personal deference to QED, ever since I used their 79 strand cable, so I use QED Micro for most of my surround cabling. You can choose from a wide range.

I would not go overboard on the rear cables, but I would spend getting something I would not upgrade, as it can be quite hard, since the cabling could be laid into the wall, false ceiling etc and is hard to access.

So spend say 10% more than what you think i.e. if you have a $800 AV amp, think ahead and see if you upgraded to a $2000 model later on, will you still be satisfied with the same rear cable? Front speaker cable is much easier to upgrade especially if it is not hidden or fixed.

As always YMMV and you need to choose according to your own budget and also the size and color of the rear cable can matter, which is why I choose the white color Micro.

I have no financial interest or other interests in any of the items / events I write about.


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