If you have $6000 to spend on a HT system

Now let's see:

For a small HDB bedroom setup...

What do I like - caveat, this is my personal taste...

Leaving 1.5 to 2k for an AV amp. I would suggest stretching to something with XT 32. That will be nice, but if that's too high, get a XT equipped one that has 7-9 channels of amps, so that even if you don't use it, it will have enough power reserve.

Now I am partial to Denons, and will readily recommend the 4311 for < 2.5k, but that could be too much, so an Onkyo 3xxx will also provide XT 32, especially if you can score a 2nd had one.
Otherwise it will be a XT version.
Personally I prefer that to the other auto-EQ systems.

That leaves the 3312 Denon, and the Marantz 7005, which are pretty similar inside. Under 1.8k

For speakers, there are many alternatives, so spend time to check them out.
It is your loss if you only audition at one shop.
B/W speakers are great, and will give you a lot of sound, but you owe it to yourself to try the others too.

Even in a confined space, you can opt for bookshelf speakers and use a good subwoofer to beef up the bass.

IMO, the Monitor Audios combine well with these amps, and the newer ones do not sound so treble happy, so they will suit most system. The RX series from MA will give you a decent setup, but avoid the RX 6 floorstanders in a small space.

Other good bookshelf speakers include the Quads, Ushers and the KEF. But most important for anyone going into HT, the centre must be solid. I upgraded my own Silver MAs to the Gold series to enjoy the sound from their LCR centre. Very good solid sound and hard to beat at it's price.

The Dynaudios are superb stuff too, but for a 5k speaker budget, you will need to compromise and perhaps get the front three from them and get budget rears from Mission, Ushers and other cheaper brands. Most of the sound comes from the front three anyway.

That's how you stretch your dollar to spend on the important things. Save on the rears, save on stands, and spend on the subwoofer, the centre and the fronts in that order for anyone considering HT as the main use for their system.

You can save on stands by opting for Target / Atacama instead of the same brand stands.

Get decent cables. I use QED micros for the rears, but LHS in SLT can show you value cables from the Belden series for both fronts and rears. Spend more on the front three.

Also buy a sufficiently long subwoofer cable. Again Belden is fine.

As for the subwoofer. I suggest stretching to get a good sized Hsu, Rhythmik or SVS, as you will regret scrimping on this and ending up not being satisfied.

All this can still fit under 6-7k...

Enjoy the journey... :)

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