John Carter movie review

John Carter movie review

The current lack of a big TV has forced me to explore the cinemas more, and it was with some initial reluctance that I decided to go, especially with the new price increases, but it turned out to be a good experience.

Firstly with a friend's discount, I got a cheaper ticket and the show we picked turned out to be a nice show....

The actors in John Carter are no A-list ones, but in a sci-fi effects driven show, all you need is good screen chemistry, a good mixture of action, romance, humor and excellent pacing and you will have a hit on your hands.

This is the first time out for the director Andrew Stanton who is more famous for his Pixar cartoons, and he chose one of the minor actors from Wolverine, Taylor Kitsch (who played Gambit) and the gorgeous Lynn Collins (aka Silverfox from Wolverine as well), who plays a princess who is hot, kicks ass and becomes his love interest . Throw in Mark Strong in another villainous role and you have the basis of good versus evil thing.

Then borrow elements from A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court, Stargate and Scorpion King, throw lots of money into the CGI, special effects and mix vigorously for a movie, which is a tad short on freshness of story but certainly delivers for the action and big moments.

Don't ask either of the leads to milk out Oscar winning acting, and instead sit back and enjoy the fun-filled swash-buckling action, moments of tenderness interspersed between some rather side splitting moments of humor and you have a rather good way to spend 131 minutes.

There was also a nice lovable alien doggie.... who brought out the smiles and awws... despite a rather grotesques initial appearance...

So does John Carter save Barsoom, get the princess, and the hot and ride off into the sunset on a six legged beast? Well I guess you have to watch it to know....

Plot - 3/5
Action 3.5/5
Chick factor - did I mentioned that Lynn Collins is HOT? 4/5

Well I reckon there is enough demo-worthy action in this show to justify a viewing and if they do the sound engineering well, it may also become a good Blu Ray disc to keep. One certainly for the big screen.


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