Buying from a major vendor - the pros and cons

Just sharing some thoughts on buying big ticket items. To many, putting a few thousand down takes careful deliberation, and the last thing you want is a lemon...
With the advent of the lemon law soon, we can expect some protection from errant vendors. However, it pays to do some homework on the various sellers.

Most new items will either work well - majority of cases or you can have a defective set, in which case you want to try and get a replacement. This should not be too hard technically. But herein lies the issues with the smaller vendors. They are more nimble, and can offer very competitive prices, and deliver the goods soon after their come onto the market or even before.

But in situations like that, when you need a replacement, this is when it pays to go to a big vendor. They offer a 7 day one to one return policy for defective panels, and this is vital when you get something that is defective.

So kudos to HN, BD and other big vendors, in giving a no questions asked return policy, even ahead of the lemon law. At most, they will ask you to contact the repair crew to verify that there is an issue with the TV, then they will work to get a new one into your hands.

Bravo and IMO, stick to the trusted vendors, who may charge a little more, and get the extended warranty, for those instances of trouble.

Extended Warranties:

Also do note that not all warranties are the same. Each of the vendors offer an extended warranty, which essentially covers the period after the warranty from the makers run out. In most TVs, it is three years from the makers, then another two from the sellers. You can also get AIG or an insurance company to provide such a service.

However it is important to check the finer details. Most will cover repair costs. But when the set is found to be beyond repair, then this is what differentiates the sheep from the lambs. Some will replace the spoilt set with a new one if it os beyond repair. Others only refund you a percentage of the cost, whereas others will give you a new set from the current range. So the costs are different and you should examine the fine print carefully.

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