The Long Kiss Goodnight - movie review

Renny Harlin made Die Hard and he tried his hand at making a female actioner, with much of the elements of that show into this, with a female protagonist instead. Despite its relatively poorer success at the box office, this has always been a nice movie to re-watch on a quiet evening, with its snappy lines and cool action scenes. There are few women who can look good while blowing away the villians and Geena Davis is one of them. A statuesque 6-footer, she exudes grace whilst being to look convincing as the spy/assasin Sam who develops amnesia but accidentally re-discovers her true identity and has to defend herself against former associates who wish to silence her to prevent their diabolical plans from being exposed.

The action is pretty relentless, and sometimes the plot does not make a lot of sense, nevertheless, this was never meant to be Oscar material and it fulfils the basic needs of an action movie with well choreographed action scenes and good chemistry betwen Geena and Samuel Jackson, who goes onto to Die Hard 3 later on, exuding the same taciturn and wry humor.

For those looking to make full use of their surround channels and sub, this show does not disappoint and despite its age, does well as a HT demo piece. With the countless explosions, you get plenty of sbwoofer workout and enough in the surround channels although not up to best current demo videos offer.

Action : 4/5
Plot: 3.5/5

Chick Factor: Geena Davis has been a looker ever since she stepped onto the silver screen, and she is a versatile actress, playing gutsy female baseball pitchers (League of their own), to supporting roles (Big Fish) and her action roles (Cutthroat Island and this) were well executed if not that well recieved. 3/5

Should you buy/rent/avoid this?
I reckon its a keeper and should be a real treat when it finally gets a Blu Ray release.

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