Goonies - movie review

 Goonies - movie review

It's the 25th Anniversary of this show, which is summed up as a Indiana Lite (in fact the kid "data" in it was Short Round in Indiana II). But the lightweight PG 13 kind of feel suits the mood of the show well and gives it an uplifting atmosphere.

Sean Astin in days long before he was Samwise 'Sam' Gamgee in LOTR, was already involved in adventures down the West Coast of Oregon, in Astoria. Their homes are about to be demolished, and Mike aka Sean stumbles onto a map of hidden treasure. The rest of the movie involves them trying to find it, whilst evading the desperate Fratelli family hot on their tails.

Stephen Spielberg knows how to spin such an adventure yarn, being fresh from his Indy creations and makes this a pleasure trip down memory lane as you see the childhood versions of some famous stars.

The BR discs offers pretty decent quality for an old show, and the sound isn't half bad too.

Worth a watch and a keeper for me, and makes me watch to go to Oregon again..

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