Renovating your toilet

This is one place which gets neglected, as most spend a lot on the living room and other areas. But consider that this is the place where you let your guard down, and strip down to your barest and wash away the sores, aches and dirt of the day. The toilet is very intimate and a place you spend quality time.

Think of a mood or theme you want for it, Balinese wooden, modern light clean surfaces, hotel sombre, or natural material with many wooden surfaces.

Or one particular one that I liked - using the same tiles from the London Subway (
Minton Hollins: 75x150mm

So the whole color, feel, touch of the handles, shower heads etc are very important.Some prefer a light color theme, others a more sombre, hotel styled darker mood.
The texture of the tiles is also very important, and your bare skin touches many surfaces here, unlike other places.
Lighting is key for the right mood. It should be bright enough for tasks like shaving, washing up, yet we should avoid harsh light and enable different intensities of light, or add lighted mirrors, down lit counter tops, as this is the place we crawl to early in the morning when we are not ready to meet people yet.

Ideally, I prefer an abundance of natural lighting, and natural ventilation, such as from a window, is best. That way, you will get rid of odours quickly in a natural way.

Get sufficient places to hang towels, clothes and a good quality mirror which not only serves to help in the process of looking more human as we clean up, the mirror also adds a sensation of space.

The toilet seat is our throne and we should get something that our butt will be grateful for.

The seat must be to your height - i.e. sit on it! I will use one which is taller, and yours will need to fit your butt feel. The toilet roll holder should have a cover to avoid spray from the shower, and there should be adequate water flow off, so the floor does not become flooded. Watch how the water splashes around and see if the shower door works and doesn't get in the way of egress or entry.

If you like a good soak, get a nice long bath. One you can fit into, especially if you are taller or larger than normal, and think about how you get into it too.

Some have sides which are too high and difficult to climb into, and steps are useful, or having a little bay window near the bath is a nice bonus.

One key thing though in the current advent of mickey-mouse apartments, is to avoid overcrowding the small toilet with too many fixtures. Imagine those tiny toilets in European hotels where your butt literally rubs against the basin whilst we try to shower. The toilet is so tiny, you need to enter sideways.

Enjoy walking into your bathroom, and let it be a warm, refreshing experience.
Spend $$ on the toilet rather than the other areas. It's a neglected place.


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