Choosing surround speakers

The basic principle is to use the speakers from the same series, or at least the same brand for a similar sonic signature.

Did I audition the surrounds?

I didn't see the point. Why? It's simple, surrounds are not meant to draw attention to themselves. They are meant to spread out the sound and envelop you in an ambience so you believe that you are immersed in the surround experience.

I am a big fan of dipoles/bipoles for the complete HT experience. Some advocate monopoles or direct radiating speakers for pinpoint effects, but I believe in an immersive spread of sound.

More important than merely buying speakers is where you place them and there are other posts and articles online on this. The speakers should be 60-90 cm above your ears.

I have come from a pair of Eltax to PSB to the MA. I like bipoles & dipoles. You can read up on the difference and how they should be setup online.
Some links:
A Guide to Bipolar, Dipolar, & Direct-Radiating Monopole Surround Speakers 

What is dipole and bipole and how are they different?

Since I have a Monitor Audio setup, it was natural to get surround speakers from the same series.
I found that the smaller surrounds simply do not give enough bass, and can't give that adequate surrounds experience. I would pay more attention to type of drivers and are there enough drivers to spread the sound out convincingly. Eg some of the lower end speakers have one bass cone, and two tweeters like the MA RXFX. But they also have a switch to give you the choice of dipole or bipole. There is a hook behind so you can hang them easily.

Whether you buy the Bronze or Silver will depend on your other speakers. The ideal situation is to use similar drivers all round from the same series. But if you are on a budget then you can consider the cheaper ones, but understand their capability first and if their frequency response will suffice. Even if you have a sub, the surrounds IMO should be able to handle down to 100 or 80 Hz.

Other considerations are aesthetic, the RX comes in a nice gloss white, which fits my wall and decor.

I have no financial interest or other interests in any of the items / events I write about.

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