Open Net - Tips and info on installation

 Just had a contractor do the installation for my place recently...

First, a link to their website:

Depending on your type of abode, there may be a schedule to install this, unless your area has been covered by the installers, then it may cost you extra.

If you live in a flat / condo, there will be some timing and appointments and you also need to go to their website to log in too. It's all on their website.

The first 10m run of cable into your home is free, including the casing, but it's quite ugly, so if you have a false ceiling to conceal it, that's better.For anyone planning a renovation, do factor in the cabling, Cat 5/6 cables, and note that optical cables like to run in straight lines and are not good at bending around corners.

Add enough points for Cat 6 around your home, and at locations where you will find it ergonomic to connect your desktop or laptop.

Also note that the Open Net box needs to mounted vertically and they are quite anal about this. You also need to leave enough clearance at the top for the box cover to slide off. The cable can enter the box from the top or bottom.

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