Wreck-It Ralph - movie review

Wreck-It Ralph
Disney has gone from strength to strength, and this is their latest offering, which is about a 'bad guy' in a computer game at an arcade, who wants to turn and be one of the 'good guys'...

The story describes his journey and this animation has much more adult themes than the usual Disney offerings, although the violence is still kid friendly and no one dies, until Pixar's "Up". However the storyline is a little too complex for kids, who will sporadically drift off during the more dialogue heavy moments.

I had expected more of this after reading some reviews, it's not bad, but it's no classic, and the action and story are middling at best and I am not confident the kids will lap it up either.

Best to rent first and decide.

There are plenty of action scenes which should excellent on BR, but I do know if it's a keeper..

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