Running Out of Time - movie review

Watched an oldie, produced in 1999, when the two Laus were still young, and botox free..
Classic Johnnie To stuff, centred around characters and a good plot instead of merely pyrotechnics or a big production. It pits Andy Lau as a sort of baddie with 4 weeks left to live against the negotiator cop with no social life, Sean Lau. They compete wits against each other and also against the clock as Andy suffers from some fatal illness.

The other cops are made to look silly, as these two slug it out in mental battles amidst a jewel heist.
Lam Suet, and some of the others (the Viet guy from PTU) are also in this show. The girl on the bus is now Ekin Cheng's wife..
It has a front heavy soundstage, but it's decent enough fair, and you are intently listening in on the wit, and please make sure you watch this in Cantonese for the best content.
Recommended for all fans of Johnnie's work and also of classic Hong Kong cinema. This was made before big money from China, and the obligatory insertion of a Chinese actor / actress with over the top pyrotechnics that seem de riguer for the current crop of productions from HKG / PRC.

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