Thunderbolt - movie review

Got round to another oldie, this one by the master of stunt himself, Jackie Chan. If you felt the adrenaline rush whilst watching the recent movie "Rush", then you will get 10 times the cardiac jolt from this action thriller.
There is no CGI and the stunts are amazing. The plot is almost by the way, but essentially Jackie plays a car garage owner, who has to race the main villain to rescue his sister.

There's plenty of car candy and eye candy too, and those who miss the old madhat, Jackie martial art sequences will relish this show, as he takes on legions of baddies in almost impossible stunts, and Ken Lo, who is his bodyguard in real life play an amazing villain who is almost the match of him.

The video transfer and sound on this older release DVD is nothing to shout about, and the dynamics are a little flat, but what happens in the show will make you more forgiving.

Recommended for race and action fans.

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