Perfect World - movie review

On a roll with Clint's movies and this week is Perfect World, a movie he made in 1993 whilst doing The Line Of Fire.
Another subtle, and quiet hit that showcased Clint's directing, and here Kevin Costner was still at his peak, and it was a successful movie which shows that Clint could direct and still do a very good job of acting.

Kevin plays an escaped convict who takes the kid TJ Lowther along for a ride with Clint in pursuit.
It's a little off the usual beat, and Clint doesn't play a role which stretches him much and he rides along in the same vein as he did in Line of Fire, but Kevin and the little kid steals the show in a little Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid set in the 50s in the time of Kennedy.

Not a lot of action or surround material for demo, but it's the dialogue and acting which sustains this.

Recommended for a rental at least or a keeper if you are a Clint fan.


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