Switch - movie review

Oh dear, this movie is the epitome of what is wrong with Asian films right now...

It has a decent plot idea, the hunt for two halves of a priceless painting, and takes you to many exotic locations. You get many attractive mega-stars, plenty of eye candy, and as many Audis as you wish to blow up.

But it borrows so much from a variety of movies, such as Mr & Mrs Smith, Treasure Hunt, True Lies, and many more. There is rampant use of CGI, but is so poor quality that it spoils the action.

Lin Chilin may be one of the most beautiful women in the world, but she can't act and she gets herself into shows where her lack of acting chops shows only too clearly...

The action is frenetic, but the plot development is thin, and after a while, you aren't sure who is the truly bad guy, and the villian played by a scrawny Chinese actor in a peroxide hairdo and a cheesy Japanese accent doesn't really create fear... I think Javier Bardem asleep looked more menacing than this chap.

There are huge sets, and evidence of big money, but sadly it fails where older movies like "The Legend of Wisely" or "Dr. Wai in the Scriptures with No Word" did much better..
If you are a Lin Chiling or Andy Lau fan or just want lots of eye candy, you won't be disappointed.
A rental at best...



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