Are you ready for ATMOS ?

In light of the new Atmos and other > 7 channel options, reader here will need to consider some points in planning their new home theatre systems.

As renovation / hacking might be involved, the decision should first be taken to decide on how many surround channels will there be?

If all one needs is 5.1 or 7.1, then wired up accordingly during renovation.

However if there is an intention to go for the new stuff, such as DTS-Neo X or Audyssey DSX or Atmos etc, then one has to adhere to the prescribed speaker placement positions that Dolby or DTS suggests, otherwise there may be inference between each speaker, and you don't get that nice surround envelop.

But now ceiling speaker positions have come back into fashion, and will enhance Atmos, but one still needs rear surround speakers, and those won't do well in the ceiling.

So plan well, and also understand again that one needs to decide if aesthetics matter more or can one go for the best positions.


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