RIP Robin Williams

Farewell my dear captain

Robin Williams has had a profound effect on movie goers over at least four decades and it is with much regret that I read about his demise, especially in such a sad way.

Most will remember his vast repertoire of hits, from his days as a stand up comedian to his days in TV as Mork and moving onto the large screen, where he had built up a significant gallery of hits, and even giving him an Oscar.

However beneath the veneer of side splitting performances, if one examines his movies and gets below his humor, you will notice as many reviewers have done, that there's a dark side which belies all the fun and light.
> I recall two of my favorite shows, Mrs Doubtfire and Good Morning Vietnam, and you will notice the sadder side of a very gifted man. The shows don't have a happily ever after ending, and gives you an insight into his more negative aspect. In fact I cannot bear to finish watching Vietnam and Patch Adams for their sad endings. This bittersweet ending seems to be a trend for his movies.

Two more shows have influenced me in life and career, the Dead Poets Society and Patch Adams, which gave me a passion to teach, and also taught me that medicine is more than just drugs, needles and surgery. Instead you need passion to pursue life in general and learnt the word "Carpe Diem!"  Seize the day, and live life to the fullest, and touch someone positively daily.

He won patients over with humor and showed compassion when others had given up on these downtrodden people. And in Kingfisher he added an additional dimension of compassion again.
> Even in these moving dramas, we cannot get away from the sadness, and you will recall the losses he feels, in losing his girlfriend in Patch, his job in Poets and whilst the world sends him adulations for his work, no one seemed to know more about his inner demons.
 It is sad that a man who gives us so much humor ends his life in one of the saddest fashions possible.

Oh my dear captain! Farewell and rest in peace. God bless


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