Hotel Grand Budapest - movie review

Having seen his previous work like the Royal Tennenbuams I wasn't sure about it but I read a raving review of this movie and decided to give it a shot.

First thing is what makes it good. The plot is quite original and the casting is exquisite. Again Wes Anderson uses some of his regulars and they come together well, almost like a family reunion. Their familiarity works in their favor and the tone as well as the editing will be familiar to his fans.

The buts are more personal in nature and I don't feel the F bombs or the sex scenes were necessary.

The hotel used is well chosen and certainly apt, bringing out the full flavor of the movie and period. It reminds me of that used in The Shining.

The show is about an elderly writer recounting his stay at the hotel and listening to the adventures of the owner Zero Mustafa and how he came to own the hotel. Set in the period just before WWII it's a well paced movie with many flashbacks and a wry sense of humor, ala Wes Anderson style.

For Director Wes' fans, this will be another feather in his cap. For those who want a tryout of his style you can go wrong either but you just have to see if the language and sex bothers you.

For me call me a romantic who like a neat happy resolution and the demise of Mr Gustave and Agatha left me a little sad.



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