Million dollar arm - movie review

For all mixed culture and Indian movie fans, as well as those who like a good sports yarn I highly recommend this movie.

There's nothing like a sport movie about people winning against the odds and throw in a little fish out of water and cultural pot Porri thing into it and well you have a million dollar plot. And yes, you do get a bit of that million dollar slumdog bit too.

Based on a true story about how a couple of boys from rural Mumbai go for baseball tryouts in USA. It's more than just a basic baseball show and in fact much of the pitching isn't really great.

But it's far more about the human element and our priorities in life that make the difference. There are loads of this in the movie and the cast is certainly up to the task of showcasing this.

The main actor Jon Hamm is well selected as the sports agent and his two Indian protégés are also well cast.

Everyone comes together although Bill Paxton is given too little to do. Subtle performers by Ray the talent scout does very well with limited screen time.

The plot flow isn't terribly original but editing is tight and the cast show excellent chemistry.

Calling all my Indian movie fans, this one is a Keeper.


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