Making A Home Theatre Den In My Mum's Place - high WAF

I decided to design a rack myself with the help of Nic and my ID for my mum's home, and this is a full tower rack, plus a front console which can store four CD / BR players, two set-top boxes / Modems, one processor and three amps / power amps.

The rack is made from mahogany, and can be stressed to carry 300 kg or so.

It has slits for ventilation, and a sliding side door to access the back panel. There are double magnets to hold the doors to prevent shaking.. and we tested the place with a solid sub to check for vibrations.

In addition there's a LED light strip stuck to the wall behind the shelves.

Each shelf can also be removed totally, allowing for a PA rack to slide in..

I also sized the bottom to fit up to a JL Audio F 113 or Rhythmik F15HP.. and there's an inbuilt Auralex-like pad at the bottom of the console.

The front console follows the basic dimensions of my old rack, but the top is removable to access the gear inside, plus a rear access panel which opens up to access the back of the components. Also there's a LED light strip to enable me to see the back.

There are four dedicated power lines which run from a main power cable that goes from my main DB into a DB constructed specially for the audio gear which is mounted in the cabinet above my main console.

They are distributed into 18 separate sockets in the wall, using MK Albany plus sockets made from brass, plus another 8 in my mum's bedroom, which also has a single dedicated 20A power line.

That room carries a 5.1 cable system plus in wall cable mounting. It is connected to the main listening area with analogue RCA and HDMI cables to function as a Zone Two.

There are two Pioneer TVs mounted on either side of the wall (mum's bedroom unit sits behind the wall)..

Future proofing...


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