Helios - Blu Ray review

Helios - BR review

Just watched this, and I have mixed thoughts about this show..

First the positives:
On one hand, it has a remarkable Atmos soundtrack that is every bit a demo disc for any home. Even if you don't speak the lingo, it is quite solid and will serve you well to impress your guests. Good clear dialogue, effective use of surrounds, and fantastic Foley effects coming from numerous channels. Bass to enhance the mood, you name it, it has it.

How about the movie then?
Well, that's where the "but" begins...

There is more than decent acting, and you get some of the top names from China, HKG, Korea etc all mixed into this rather convoluted plot. There are more twist and turns then Elvis on a hot tin roof.. the actors really get into it, and you also get plenty of eye candy, action and suspense, but after a while, the plot becomes too complicated for it's own good.
It also tries to flirt with edgy, contemporary issues, like Snowdon, the Chinese rule over HKG, and weapons of mass destruction, but it has too little time to draw the viewer in, so you get the skim milk edition, and the movie is a bit too long. It almost feels like an extended episode of 24.


It ends quite abruptly...

So if you are into HKG / Chinese productions, this will be one more disc to add to your collection. But do be prepared for the twists and turns..

 I have no financial interest or other interests in any of the items / events I write about.


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