My setup October 2015

 With the advent of DTS X, HDMI 2.2 and HDCP 2.2, I have swopped out the Denon 7200 and added the Marantz SR 7010, backed up by a Rotel RMB 1585 :)

Benq W1070 for movie nights :)
PS64D8000FM Samsung plasma TV
Marantz PM 11S3 : 2 channel stereo amp with HT bypass and 100W per channel driving the front pair of 804D 
Oppo BR player BDP 101CI as CD transport and HT source
Oppo BDP 83 Nuforce 
Rotel RMB 1585 – 200w X 5 driving the centre, side and back surrounds.
Marantz NA11S1 as a DAC and network player
Apple TV (Gen 1) X 2 for music and photos
HTM4s centre, Radius 90HD for front height
Usher 520s for rear back
Monitor Audio RXFX in dipole mode for side surrounds
JL Audio E112 (two units)  located at right front and rear left
Anthony Gallo A'Diva for ceiling Atmos placement and "Voice of God" placement
QED XT Revelations for front and centre speakers
QED Micro speaker cable for the surrounds
Audioquest Cinnamon HDMI for Oppo to amp
Wireworld Chroma from amp to TV
AQ Forest HDMI cable - amp to TV and other sources
Audioquest Snake subwoofer cable 
Blue Jean subwoofer cable
Wireworld Oasis 6 & 7 Interconnects
Wireworld Oasis 6 power cables
Assorted Xindak, PS Audio and other power cables
MK wall power sockets
Shunyata Venom Distributor and power cable 20A for high current items
Rhodium Right Angle Plug adapters for USA power cables
Auralex subdude platform and Mopads under centre speaker
Da lite screen
Glass optical cables

 I have no financial interest or other interests in any of the items / events I write about.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Hi there, pardon my ignorance... I do feel a bit silly now that I went through your reviews of the various amps. I have to say great write ups. Thoroughly enjoyed them and I also learnt a good deal about HT.

  2. Hello
    Amazing setup. I have owned many lines and items mentioned, Oppo, B&W 803s, Bryston, Rotel and Shunyata. I am curious how you think the SR7010 will fair running my B&W XT8s and 4xXT4s in a 7.1 config. (Not going 3D sound yet).

    I asks this as the XTs are power hungry. 86 sensitivity.

    Any comments appreciated /


    1. Best to give it more power then.. The 7010 is best seen as a processor with amps that are useful to drive the surround channels or atmos speakers.


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