Fixing that CFL lamp - and turning it into a LED lamp

I have turned into a electrician.. well kind of...

My storeroom lamp died, and I figured it will be a simple job of taking out the bulb and screwing in a new one...

No..... hardly...

 First, it had an odd shape, and I had a lot of trouble figuring out how to take it out...
Thanks to some friends on the net, I figured out it was a pull-out bayonet type:

So I yank and it comes out:

And now I figure, just get a replacement right? So another friend tells me a place to buy one, and I figure, why not just get the biggest replacement i.e. go from 21W to 38W.


Firstly, the new lamp came, and it doesn't fit... so sending the lamp back costs more than a new one, but the company: Element14 (a local company which was very nice and allowed me to return it):
Then I found the local dealers for Opple, the brand of the lamp:

Leon was very patient, we tested the new lamp and for laughs, I also tested the old one, and it actually works! So he surmised that the ballast was the part that was spoilt.. didn't know about a ballasst thingy...

Anyhow, I saw that they had a LED kit which fits my lamp fixture, but it require some screwing and unscrewing... so I decided to take a leap and try..
This kit replaces the CFL and ballast:
After some gymnastics on a tall ladder, I have light!


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