Star Wars - The Force Awakens

 It's a nice thing to be able to around to watch this epic series, so many years after the first show came out in 1977.
The world has changed, yet so has this franchise, and yet some things have remained the same.

So has JJ Abrams been able to carry the torch and propel the series into new frontiers?

Well, yes, and no...

Essentially if I had to use one word to describe his effort, it would be... safe. Or perhaps familiar is another.

He has done his homework, and due diligence, and given homage to the original trilogy, even bringing back members of the old cast, and still managed to give life to new faces, and allow room for the franchise to grow.

It's certainly not easy being at the helm of the seventh episode of a very successful franchise, and legions of fans will be quite happy. All the old heroes are there, and no Jar Jar Binks.

You get a new Death Star like creation, and there is still that risk of eminent annihilation, new Jedi hopefuls, and lots of Stormtroopers, X Wing Fighters, and more of the stuff that made Star Wars what it is. Plus that epic tune, with the scrolling introduction. I almost got out of my seat to cheer and clap, and I don't think I would be alone.

The nice thing is how well the cast fits back, and gels with the new guys too. It's action packed, has funny moments and some kind of romance throw in too.

As for 3D and Atmos, well it was better than most efforts, though not up to Avatar standards or that of the animations, but amongst the best. With the surround channels and bass kicking in frequently, this will be another hit on Blu Ray.

I really enjoyed the show, and the sound added to it.
Bass was solid, and there was use of the surrounds.

BUT from an Atmos standpoint, it was subtle. There are scenes in the forested areas where there was more use of top speakers. Some might find it disappointing, but IMO, that's a good example of a good surround, or like a good seasoning, it adds to the taste but does not overpower it.

That's a good thing. IMO, this will be a good movie on Blu Ray, but I want to wait until the trilogy is complete. Perhaps it will come out in 4k and I will get it then.

If you are a fan already, then this is a must-watch on the big screen, and then you will still run out to buy the disc.

If you are new to this, it's a solid actioner, with romance, good dialogue throw in and it's still recommended, especially if you have kids to pass on the Jedi passion, and may you throw in a light saber too.

I look forward to the rest of the trilogy, and may the force be with you!
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