Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - Movie Review

Sigh, this is a movie with so much potential, and with the hype of the matchup, plus the introduction of Wonderwoman, I guess it just didn't meet the expectations I had.

On the plus side:
Lots of good action, explosions and the new cinema was a throwback to the past. 

Now the down side:
This is one movie that was filmed in MTV speed, hurtling from one scene to another. Despite the long movie runtime, it has the daunting tasking of putting origin stories along with how they hate each other to the introduction of a new hero to the fights with the villains. Too much, even for fanboys to swallow. 

Superman was well played by Henry, and Ben did look decent as Batman, but his fight scenes were so awkward and poorly done. Christian Bale was the benchmark, and despite his best effort, he was no match for Bale. Miss Israel is no match for Ms Texas USA aka Linda Carter, the original Wonderwoman.

The movie was busy, far too hectic, with too many side plots, and too angsty. This is a Batman's Superman. Henry frowns, gets angry too much and I wish they would go back to less dark movies. This whole dark side appeals to those who like the Batman type of hero, but I prefer a lighter mood, and the cheerful sort of show.

Action fans will still be pretty satisfied, despite a less than agile Batman. And his fight with Superman in his "anti-hulk" Ironman suit - what was that?
Gal Gadot, Amy Adams are a tad too old, and Amy looked more like Superman's mum, and if Diane Lane looked any younger, she should have been Lois Lane.. Rachel McAdams, could have been a better Lois Lane, and they need someone to play Wonderwoman. What's with the Maori like Aquaman? 

BTW, I don't recognise the half-body chap tied to the experiment wall?
2/5 for me.


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