Buying Car Accessories: places to get from and tips

Been looking around, and I can report back on where to find accessories:

For a brick and mortar shop options:

- the biggest selection, you can touch, ask questions etc

surprisingly good

SGgarage, and a few others. Mod shops that also sell some kit that you can add on. 

For serious electrical mods;


Max does all kinds of stuff: GPS, keyless, etc


Ah this is where the interesting stuff begins:

Amazing place where you can get stuff that suits all kinds of cars. And don't limit yourself to Amazon USA. For the Merc, which is German in origin, try search in Amazon UK and De. They may be cheaper, and offer more options. Things like car mats, wipers, replacement parts, and more.

A traditional source, and I might get my window visors from there. Made in USA and sells for the same price as the ones from ebay Malaysia.

A huge market place, and like Taobao, it offers many items, which are not just made in China. I got a console shelf that fits in the console box between the seats, plus some red control knobs. Do compare prices, and see if it's cheaper than Amazon and vice versa.

Another large market, but it's in Chinese and I am not too familiar. There are options to ship over, so one can consider that too.  

 I have no financial interest or other interests in any of the items / events I write about.


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