Inferno Movie Review

Book adaptations can be a mixed bag, sometimes it exceeds the excitement of the books, but other times it can be rather disappointing. For example, I read Robert Ludlum's Bourne series first and found the movies to be exciting but somehow the written word carried even more excitement despite the lack of moving pictures and sound.
So I declare that I have never read any of Dan Brown's books, nor am I a fan of his works. But I like a good yarn about adventure, treasure and the thrill of hunting for the lost. Think Indiana Jones with someone that has twice his IQ.
I didn't enjoy the first instalment much, too much controversy, and too much church stuff in it. The second, even with the Vatican City in it was a much more straightforward hunt for clue kind of movie, with intrigue and thrills built in. 
Now Robert Langdon returns once more, with a story about a virus which threatens to decimate the world's population, and the only man to stop this massacre is our Professor once more. 
The story starts at a breakneck pace, hurtling from one adventure to another, with characters throw in, also at top speed and despite a run time of just over two hours, it certainly does not feel lengthy. But unlike the second or first movie, Langdon does not have as many opportunities to show off his skills and does far less sleuthing work, and instead spends a lot of the time on the run. Which brings us to the negatives. We don't really understand how or why he is in the state he starts the movie with, and I know it's a matter of the plot direction that the whys and whos are introduced to us mid-way or later in the show. This plot technique has been used before to great effect but here, it just adds to the confusion. 
Now one does not really need to watch the previous instalments to pick up this movie, and there are not too many inside jokes either. But some characters come and go without the viewer understanding why they are there. (think Ignazio, the Carabinieri Assassin etc). And I know as a fact that the WHO organisation does not have the funds to run about with private jets and all manner of suits, goons and bodyguards all over the world. It would have been easier to get the Interpol as the agency involved. So there are plot holes, and with the breakneck pace, sometimes we do get lost.
But if you want to find a place to visit and have no idea, this movie makes you want to visit Florence and Venice instantly. For those who have been there before, it's nice to see so many familiar places featured. 
Plot 3/5
I couldn't recognize Felicity Jones but she does look good in it. I wonder why the Italians have not protested that they couldn't use one of their hot actresses instead of her in the show. 
Chick factor 3.5/5
As for the sound, well it was an Atmos theatre, and the surrounds were put to good use, as you can expect in a thriller movie. There is not as many explosions but the subwoofers will get a workout or two.
I actually look forward to buying the Blu Ray when prices come down, as the sound was good and I like such adventure stories. It's a shame that the plot couldn't have been better, but I reckon it's worth a rental at least or seeing it on the big screen.  
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