A few pointers and reminders about getting the best surround effects

A few pointers and reminders about getting the best surround effects

Priorities - 
WAF or good speaker position

Some basic rules of speaker placement are needed to get that surround ambience. For a 3D sound, the 5.1 or 7.1 surround layer needs to be around the ear level when seated. It's very hard to get ceiling mounted speakers to sound right, even if they are pointed at the MLP.

For the Atmos / DTS speakers on the ceiling, don't fret if you can't get the right angle, there's a decent range, and if you use a coaxial speaker with adjustable tilt and swivel, that will help spread the sound. And again, that's the word - spread the sound.

Maximum Effort

We have said this countless times - getting the right ambience surround isn't a simple press button solution. It doesn't mean that you have the latest Audyssey, MACC, or REW software installed in your amp = sound surround. 

AFTER you do the initial calibration, you will need to adjust speaker levels, with a SPL meter and avoid using the internal test tones. Then shift the speakers accordingly.

The honest truth about the sitting position

If you are seated in a less than ideal position, you won't get the best surround, and no matter what kind of software you use, that will not be able to cure the issue totally. 
So if your room is not ideal, you are backed up all the way to the rear wall, room too small for a 11.2 setup but you insist on it, you will not get the same surround that you heard or the bass you felt in the best setups.

In which case, just enjoy the setup with your family and kick your heels back and chill, we can't always fix everything in the world...



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