My Car Buying Process

My own take

Phase I

Aim - who drives the car, what's the purpose (eg, fetch kids, mum or personal vehicle) &
Budget - most important, how much do I want to spend, now not some nominal sum, but what I feel I can afford, and if I want something nice, will it fit, and does it make sense

Phase II

Research - what's out there, what is nearing the end of it's lifespan, what are the got to have features etc

Reliability issues, safety, maintenance

Delivery date - some conti cars take a few months to reach, can you wait?

Phase III

Walk the ground - showroom time!

To avoid too much confusion, avoid considering more than 5, max 10 cars. And choose the type first, i.e. MPV, SUV, sedan etc

Test drive:

Understand that most of time, we aren't going to be like Top Gear, so things like ergonomics, comfort, economy etc matter more than handling under severe conditions 
Test the handles, switches etc and of course easy egress - my mum is the gold standard. If she can climb in, and she feels comfortable, that's the car.

Phase IV

Showtime with the sales rep!
My rule of thumb:
Never buy from a pretty lady... you might go nuts and buy something you shouldn't - ha ha
Understand the black and white - what are the features, maintenance costs, pricing, COE amount, bidding process

Phase V

Financing, speaking to the banker etc

Phase VI

Do the deed

Then wait for the car, and enjoy :)


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