Jack Reacher: Never Go Back - movie review

The first instalment was not bad, like a good beef stew, it was a quiet boiler, working it's way slowing through and only reaching it's full taste near the end.
It was tiring watching the second instalment..
It felt like Forrest Gump Part II
Quite simply, it was a running movie: "From that day onwards, if I was going anywhere, I was running!"

Tom Cruise didn't perform to his usual best, and look like he was dialling it in. I also made the mistake of reading the book first, so all the nuances, the thoughts in his mind were lost.

Here was a movie that didn't know if it was a straightforward actioner, a whodunit thriller or a bit of comedy.

Jack needs to solve a paternity suit, free a prisoner, and absolve himself of crime once again. Cobie Sumlders doesn't smoulder too much here, she also look old and tired here, and there isn't a real chemistry between them. No couple on the run feel. In fact Robert De Niro and buddy feel more 'couply' in Midnight Run and Eddie Murphy & Nick Nolte also had more love between them than these two.

Plenty of action and explosions, so those looking for a bit of demo material for their HT systems won't feel too aggrieved, but my opinion is similar to the title: Never Go Back.
Rent or buy only when on sale.



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