Iron Fist Netflix Season One Review

The Marvel universe has been expanding, and you see a lot more characters being added. 

The Iron Fist is about a person Danny Rand who learns the Iron Fist from Kun Lun, and the first season is an origins one, with the thread of how he gets his power and how he came to be intertwined with a love interest in the form of the lovely Jessica Henwick, and a plot about how the evil Hand empire tries to take over his dad's company.

With Marvel fans keen to see superheroes who are less than perfect, who do not have the same superdoper powers at the highest level ala DC's Superman or even Spiderman, this man with a troubled past should perform well. And indeed there are quite a few fans of this serious made up of 13 episodes.

However, their choice of lead actor and actresses leaves a lot to be desired. A movie with a kungfu background should at least try to get some real action in, and unfortunately the fight scenes are underwhelming, as neither of them know kungfu. Anyone with a tiny bit of martial arts training will feel infuriated at the slow action, and the actors are so far away that the blows or weapons might as well be a mile away.

The protagonist is one weak, impulsive and easily manipulated person who is also a one trick pony. He also can't conjure up the Iron First without  considerable hesitation and effort, so you might as well be watching an old man trying to pee. 

This could have been a real actioner, and I know of at least half a dozen leads, even Hollywood actors who could have been better Danny Rands. If you include Asian / Hong Kong stars, even if you chose a B list one like Andy On from Taiwan, you would be far better off. 

Highlights include good acting from the supporting cast, Rosario Dawson, Tom Pelphrey and the ice queen Carrie-Anne Moss do well. But the lead Finn Jones was a poor choice. Jessica Henwick does well in the acting side but as she isn't a real pugilist, the role could have been offered to many other actress who could have extended their acting chops, while really chopping away with a blade.

This one is only for the die hard Marvel fans. 


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