A long flight and some loud movies.. short reviews of Kong, Gifted, Kung fu Yoga, Rogue One, Resident Evil and XXX

Went for a long trip and I had a chance to check out a few movies:

Chris Evans aka Captain America sheds mask and shield to take on a more emotional role that shows off more of his acting chops. Think of it as a modern Kramer vs Kramer Lite.. not bad and worth a rental at least. No really effects.

Kung Fu Yoga:
So is that what an older and less energetic Jackie Chan does when he tries to replicate his big hit Armor of God? It's not bad, and there is genuine chemistry in this cross cultural treasure hunt. But if one is expecting breakneck pacing and action, then this is not for you.
But if you are looking for some classic slapstick plus some really nice/hot eye candy thrown in, you get two Indian superstars, plus one very flexible and hot Chinese actress who is skill in Yoga too.
Disha Patani is a really dish... 

Kong: Skull Island

A remake or a reboot? Well for action fans, this is not important and you get plenty of action, thrills and spills, copious use of bass. The plot is not too bad, and tries it's best to look original despite the many previous iterations. Worth a rental or a buy when it comes onto UHD.

Rogue One:
I had to skip this as I was busy and it's a nice movie, but for those who have not seen it, it's very important to go in without the baggage of watching the other Star Wars hits. Think of it like a Dirty Dozen in space instead. Nice plot, pacing and chemistry. Pity we can't see more of Felicity Jones. A buy for fans and also action demo hits.

XXX Return Of the Xandar:

For a real no brainer, forget Kong, this is a movie where the plot is a mere excuse to move from one action piece to another. Bombs, babes and blasts in a Bond wannabe movie. 
The line between Vin Diesel's Fast and Furious and this franchise is blurring as the brings over the fast cars, action, and incredible stunts seamlessly across. I wonder if he used the same stunt team?
Not bad, but one will buy the disc for it's demo worthy action scenes more than the story. 

Resident Evil Final Chapter:

The boom fest continues with this. The plot is thin than almost any other resident evil instalment or most other zombie movies, but if you have already invested time watching the rest, you might as well finish it. At least, it rewards you with plenty of action but I don't know if UHD will be kind, as our Zombie Action Queen, Ms Milla Jov has certainly aged.. rent or buy for a low price during the Good Friday sales and complete that collection.


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