Get The Gringo - movie review

Another day with the Neural X, and DTS-X, and I took out a disc from the not too distant past: Get The Gringo

A relatively simple plot, with a fish out of water concept, but set within a Mexican prison, Mel is a man with skills and a loot to find. There's action, humor, both served with latte and bitter black noir style. Mel shows some of the form that brought him fame in the past, and the supporting cast do well too.

But the sound is where the money is. Watched on a BR disc with DTS-X upmixing of the sound, it was a nice way to spend an evening. 

I am not too sure who did the mix, but this movie that brought a second wind to Mr Gibson's career also gave it a very nice sound mix. It's one of those 'only' 5.1 DTS-MA mixes, but the scenes within the Mexican prison lends itself to a very claustrophobic mix, and you are able to utilise all the channels, both at the base surround level, and the soundstage extends itself nicely to the heights too.

The dialogue is crystal clear, and when the proverbial stuff hits the fan, well so does the sonic envelop. You get some nice gunfights, in the middle when the hitmen come for Mel, and later on in the final showdown. A very satisfying application of the Neural-X onto a 5.1 track.

Recommended, and although Mel messed up in the past, he can still be a solid actor, and I wish him well on his road to recovery and hope to see more good shows from him, both in front and behind the camera. 



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