Get Out – Movie Review

Once in a while, you get a new movie, directed by a someone who is just venturing out, and his first effort really hits the spot.

This is Jordan Peele’s directorial debut, but you never get a sense that he has not been around for a while. On a budget more skimpy than Halle Barry’s Perle, he has manufactured a solid thriller, and that’s coming from someone who is not that fond of shock and horror movies.

It’s part Sidney Poiter’s In the Heat of the Night, mixed in with some Saw and Stepford Wives, but it feels very original, as it deals with a young black man going to meet his white girlfriend’s parents and the extended family. Things gradually begin to get creepy and feel strange as his girlfriend’s family are not really what they appear to be. He soon has to use all his wit to get out, and that’s what the plot is basically about.

It has some racial apartheid kind of humor mixed in with the strangeness and the levity it lends adds to the flow nicely. The lead is a new actor too, but after you watch him, you soon realized why he was chosen to be the lead for the Marvel adventure Panther.

The editing is tight, the action, shock and horror are all nicely timed. Rest assured, there is no gore, but you get enough scary scenes to keep you gripping the armrests of your seats.

Together the cast work well to weave the story, and the length is just right.

For home theatre fans, this is a real keeper. Even with ‘only’ 5.1 DTS-MA on the Blu Ray, it’s amazing. If you bought the UHD, you will get a full sonic workout from the DTS-X soundtrack. Every creak, ambient sound in the home plays a role, and the sound helps to build up the tension. Fantastic.

3.5/5 for the movie. 4.5/5 for the sound and disc.


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