Short reviews : Dark Tower, Baby Boss, The Finest Hour, Valerian and Cars 3

Another series of flights and some quick notes

I saw a brace of shows with ideas and concepts not dissimilar to earlier works, here we see a triumph of CGI and technology over a lynchpin or pillar of a good movie - the plot.

Baby boss

Not bad and it follows the tried and tested mix of humor with some adult sensitivity but this movie about sibling rivalry and a subplot of conspiracy doesn't hit the same highs as the other older big cartoon hits.


You must admire Luc Besson for his imagination and creativity but when you compare this space adventure to his earlier Fifth Element, it doesn't not hit the spot. The plot moves along too quickly makes too many assumptions on what the audience knows or needs to know before stepping into the movie.

Dark Tower

A story about good versus evil and there's plenty of potential but again the production values are great but a credible storyline is lacking. The good guy has a puny pistol and a young apprentice and he is expected to face overwhelming odds. How he overcomes it is a major plot hole and disappointment.

Cars 3

Well essentially it's the same plot as the original so it's better than the middle sequel but not as great as the first. Which isn't saying much.

So was everything only so so?

Well there was one good yarn and it was something I didn't have much expectation of actually. Thinking along the lines of a recent Coen Brothers comedy called Hail Caesar, I figured this to be a British facsimile of it.
Instead it was a sly comedy and a heart felt romance set as a making of a propaganda movie during WWII under difficult circumstances.
Definitely worth a watch


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