Ready Player One Movie Review

In the year, 2045, most people can't afford proper housing and live in containers, they live dreary lives, and use virtual reality to satisfy their fantasies ...

Wait, sorry... that was supposed to be my review of "Real Player One"... it also feels a lot like the housing issue we face now..
Anyway back to the review.
Steven Spielberg is the go to person if you want a sci-fi blockbuster. His body of work is vast and resplendent with wonderful stories of humans, where the story matters more than merely the science. But you also see plenty of amazing cool tech.
Real Player One (RPO) is a masterpiece, filled with nostalgia, exciting moments, romance, thrills and spills. But it's the human element, and those 138 Easter Eggs of old movies and the homage he pays to those movies, including quite a few of his hits, that make it such a wonderful experience.
But that cramped world he described can already be seen in a few places. The link between film and reality is oftentimes closer than we can imagine. Remember the facial recognition that he showed in "Minority Report"?, that's probably closer to reality now than ever.
As for RPO, the nostalgia factor is a huge draw I suspect for older timers like myself, and as the characters on display span across many decades, even younger viewers will find more than a few dozen recognisable faces.
So in the best movies, you find a wonderful mix of adventure, interspersed with humor and a tad of romance. This movie checks all three boxes, and feels a lot like a sci-fi version of Raiders of the Lost Ark. Whilst going from clue to clue, the protagonists find themselves liking one another, and action fans will enjoy the tremendous surround effects and bass that will pound you into submission. If you are able to see this in an IMAX theatre, please do so. The 3D is amazing and the sound is at an even higher level. Beware of sitting too close to the screen during the Kong car chase scene though, as it can be a bit too close for comfort.
As I sat there, grinning from ear to ear, identifying all the hundred and one heroes from past movies and game characters, I also enjoyed the good chemistry between the actors, the subtle storylines and of course, the world of the Real Player Game.
This movie will withstand many viewings, as geeks and action fans will find many reason for multiple viewings.
Recommended. 4/5


  1. Hey Pete. It's Ready Player One mate not Real Player One. Great movie though as you say, with amazing sound too.


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