Suddenly Twenty - movie review

I had to take Thai Airways recently and it's pretty good. Decent food and legroom in economy class, especially if you get one of their newer planes.

So back to the review..

This is a 2016 movie which stars Davika Hoorne, a Thai-Belgium beauty, who is one of the rising stars in Thailand. She even sings the theme song pretty well.
It's classic take on the travel back in time to a younger you kind of movie, and but adds a layer not seen in such movies: emotion and the theme of getting old, family and relationships. The comical parts take a leaf from the typical Korean slapstick comedies with physical humor, action and a tough gal thrown into it.
Did I say that the girl is really sweet? They really find the sweetest gals for their movies. She was also in Sudden Attack, another movie with a humor theme but also an underlying theme of overwork.
For anyone who is getting on in age, or comes from a culture where the children are supposed to look after their parents, they will be able to relate even more with the sense of abandonment when the kids decide to dump you in an old folks home. The movie also builds on the idea that the parents spend their lives looking after the kids, sacrificing their own happiness, careers, even cheating and fighting in order give the child a better life.

Recommended, for the movie and the lovely Davika..



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