Hurt Locker - movie review

I raved about the movie Gamer just yesterday, praising its solid sound effects, and awesome surround, but hold the presses! We have a new winner in the critically acclaims “Hurt Locker”, which is now the reference for me, rivalling some of the best bass from the Die Hard 4, and the kind of surround from Star Trek and Up.

Ok, everyone knows the tight editing and realistic portrayal of the Gulf War and the tension in the Iraq insurgency, and the wonderful job that Kathryn Bigelow has done and I agree with all the positive comments. Take the best of Generation Kill, add more tension, the better parts of Courage Under Fire, plus the kind of careless abandonment that we saw in Captain Spears from Band of Brothers and mix in the kind of fearlessness we witness in “Fearless” the old show with Jeff Bridges, and you get this. 4/5 for the plot.

A special mention about the main man in the show, Jeremy Renner, who has been a journeyman, who has been in TV, and movies over the past decade or two, and has only been able to come into his own in the recent few years. I first noticed him in SWAT where he played Gamble the SWAT turned bad guy. His devil-may care attitude there has carried over to this production, and he uses this anti-hero stance with scant regard for his own safety to good effect and he richly deserves his Oscar nomination.

Now about that surround and bass, since this show has many explosions and demolitions, you get a real treat here, and with the ambient sounds of an Iraqi street emanating from all the speakers, if you have a 9.2 state of the art system, this will give your system the kind of demo workout you dreamed about. 5/5

No chick factor here, and that’s fine.

Should you own it – yes, this is a keeper. Highly recommened.


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