Universal Soldier - Regeneration


Universal Soldier was a minor hit for JVCD back when the muscles from Brussels was the hottest action hero around, with his kicks and ballet like movements. He  has dwindled in popularity whilst Arnie has gone onto bigger things, but after the recent JCVD movie, Jean Claude shows he has serious acting chops and has kept in shape. This is the 5th iteration of the UniSol series, and despite the age of the main protagonists, the show is a real serious slugfest (literally) and proves JVCD can still throw a few punches and draw in the crowds.


Dolph Lungren is also in good shape and mixes it up with the younger crowd just as well, whilst Andrei Arlovski is a UFC fight champion and Mike Pyle is another pugilist, so there is plenty of action but what impresses is the solid bass, which rivals the best from Die Hard 4, and other recent productions.  The surround matches the scenes, and the lack of dialogues suits the tension of the movie, and reminds me of the first Terminator movie, where the actors let their kicks do the talking.


When the explosions go off, there is a real thump in the chest, and there are plenty of scenes which are demo worthy.


The plot isn’t much to shout about, but there is enough to keep even the casual fan interested, and for the UniSol fan, this is a fine final installment (maybe?) to the series.


Plot: 3/5

Action 4.5/5


Forget the chick factor here.


Should you buy it, well again it depends on whether you are a UniSol fan, and even if you are not, this is worth more than a rental. Welcome back JVCD.



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