Law Abiding Citizen – movie review

Gerard Butler is a versatile man, capable of playing the lead in romantic comedies, action movies and also shows a darker more broody side to him in this thriller based on the vengeance a father wishes to seek on the perpetrators and also the law system which fails in his eyes to seek true justice.

Jamie Foxx comes along for the ride, as a up and coming DA and the 2 make this movie a little special with the chemistry of hatred and baiting helping to move the plot along, despite some rather obvious loopholes. There are enough action scenes and explosions to keep the action fan happy, yet some clever aspects of the plot to keep the intellectual yearning for a little more from the average thriller to string him along too.

3.5/5 for the plot and 3.5/5 for action.

There is no real chick factor at all in this show and this actually helps avoid deviating the story from the tight editing and the suspense we get. I reckon this movie is worth a rental least, and may deserve more than 1 viewing to appreciate the flavor in the plot, but once you know the conclusion, it will be hard to re-watch it.

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