Despicable Me - a movie review


Pixar has ruled the roost when it comes to animation, and other companies have tried but few come close to challenging them for movies which have excellent graphics, but even more important, an excellent and touching story mixed with humour and excitement.


Despicable Me (DM) borrows heavily from several previous efforts in the reel world and animation, but what makes it stand out is how these fundamental elements blend well together in a story which manages to make you laugh, and also tug at your heart strings too.


The protagonist looks a little like a fatter Anton from the Ratatouille show, and he is a villain who deep inside has a sorry childhood and just wants to impress his mother, and he meets 3 of the most adorable kids who turn him from competing to outdo Vector, the new kid on the evil block to a man who has a past and a heart.


His efforts are assisted by an evil scientist, who acts as his surrogate father, and scores of the funniest assistants called Minions, who look like little bananas and watch out for the light stick scene – which had the entire cinema in stitches.


How can you not love the kids with their eyes which cry out to you, to read them a bedtime story and then not laugh at the slapstick antics of the Minions, who are totally and unquestionable devoted to the protagonist.


Add plenty of non-stop action, gadgets, and many recognisable caricatures of stereotypes, and you have a movie you will watch once, cry and then watch again, laugh and again to both cry, laugh and share the many scenes again with friends.


A good effort, and I am confident this one will challenge the domination of Pixar in the animation Oscars.


Plot: 4.5 /5

Action: 4/5


Highly recommended as a keeper with good surround use and plenty of bass.




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