MIO is a real PITA

I live in a valley and I have longed for good TV reception for the longest time. I have also been a Singtel customer ever since I have my cellphone. So getting broadband from them was a natural progression. Yet when I found out when MIO cable TV first came out, that my home was not covered, it was a real disappointment. Then recently I checked again and they now said my area was covered. So I happily rushed into the nearest Singtel Shop to get signed up. That’s when my ordeal began…

So I made an appointment for a 9am installation. The chap comes at about 10am, which is fine, since he has a window of 2 hours. But that morning, my internet had been cut and I was left in the wilderness… then he tried all ways of connecting, but I had suspected that when they cut my connection in anticipation of the installation, those chaps forgot about activating the new line! So true enough, the man tried all ways of trouble shooting, blaming the older filters, bad phone lines – which was crazy since I could still make calls clearly and he kept using my phone line!

Anyway, after 2 hours of all kinds of testing, he asked for help and a chap at the other end of the line (Sam) tells me what I already suspected. A major FUBAR and he tells me that my line is not up and won’t be until 5pm and tells me to wait til then and do the rest myself!

Of course I tell him nuts and insist his man comes back. So the man comes back or rather leaves my place for a while and then get this, he calls me to tell me that Mio TV is not enabled in my place and won’t be for a week or more! Of course this really gets me riled and it is hard for me to show my OPC (other person centredness) but I keep cool enough to ask the man to help me get a firm date.

Eventually, at 6pm, the installer (Zaki) gives me the all clear and apparently gets both internet and Mio TV working. Nuts man…

If Singtel only cares about selling and not the after sales service, they should get tarred and feathered!

Well at least the TV looks pretty clear now… first time in a long time…. My mum is happy, and at the end of the day, if it makes her smile, all is still well…


First encounters with the MIO TV:

- PQ is in 1080i and you can't make pearls out of pig's ears.... so even HD 5 is ok but not great.

- you get 15 free movies - mostly oldies, but its like a DVD, you can fast forward, pause etc, thats convenient...

- sound quality is ok, but not fabulous, somehow its not as good as a DVD, its quite alright, but I simply use the speakers on my Kuro.

- nagivating the menus is not that hard, and when you go to the HDMI on your TV, the device comes on - nice

- you can get teletext on it - good for my dad

- right now I am using trunking, but I might give my Ruckus a try tomorrow and see...

- not a bad thing considering I am getting the 46$ / month Mio Home package with 6 mps and there is no dropped signal, better TV reception - the main thing

So apart from the messy installation, its going well :)

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