Ip Man 2 - Movie review‏

The trouble with sequels are that they need to live up to the original movie at least, otherwise it is seen as an effort to capitalise on the success of the first movie and milk some money.

Unfortunately Hong Kong knows when it sees a money train and glady hops on for the sequel and many more adaptions of it. See the proliferation of vampire movies in the 80s and now we see at least 3 Ip Man movies.

So now we have seen Ip Man defeat the Japs and move onto Hong Kong where the challenge comes from corrupt "Guai Lo" cops and the obligatory White Man beefcake who belittles Kungfu challenges Ip Man.

Well no one is too unhappy with the simple, tried and test plot, but no one is going to give anyone in this show a Golden Horse either.

Lets hope Donny Yen sticks to his word and stops here.... I cannot imagine who else Ip Man will challenge to milk more from this franchise..

Plot: 2.5/5

Now what we really want are fight scenes and I must say, its still a little disappointing. Now we have the big match up between Samo Hung and Donnie Yen, but there is far too much wire work, and Samo is a littel past his best, so we don't see the athleticism we saw in his 80s movies with Jackie Chan.

Back then you would gasp at how a fatty like him could move so agilely and fast.

The supporting actors like Shawn Yue don't know Kung Fu and the boxing match with the great 'Twister' is a lot of pushing and shoving, and since kicking was kept to a minimum, we don't see Donnie Yen in full flight either.

So that leaves us with a less than full on experience, unlike Donnie's recent offerings.

However the audio is well done, and you feel the punches and it keeps your subwoofer happy although sometimes you feel the LFE is turned up only at the point of punches and does not lend itself to the ambience.

Action: 3.5/5

Chick factor is at a minimum and honestly it would have been inappropriate in such a movie anyway.

So should you rent, or buy it? Well I think it is worth a watch, especially if you have already watched the first one, but I would say try before you buy this one.

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