Dragon Hunters - Blu Ray review - English DTS HD MA 5.1

Not often do you see an animation that does not come from Pixar do well and this one is not even American. The French it seems are perfectly capable of some rather good animation with equally good stories.

I had a chance to buy this over the weekend and I agree, its easy to dismiss this as a kiddie thing, but its pretty entertaining. Although the main plot is pretty standard, the characters are nicely fleshed out, the humor is good and when you add in the action sequences, plus the sound, its a keeper. An unlikely motley crew of dragon hunters, consisting of a pig-tailed behemoth of a man Lian Chu, his side-kick Gwizdo, and a furry dog-like mutt, plus the intrepid niece of the Lord who sent them forth. The ensuing adventures form the story as they overcome obstacles to face the World Gobbler.

Plot: 3/5

Chick factor - nil

Action: now this is where things get exciting. Literally....there is very exciting bass, filling in the moments of suspense and of course when the action begins, the bass is sub-sonic. You will need something which goes down to SVS sort of levels to enjoy this French hit. the bass is used not only to the explosions but also to widen the sound stage and the rear channels are constantly used, either to add ambience, or to give bite to the action, making the dragons come from all direction, the flying bats encircle you and basically create a cohesive soundfield. Very nice 4.5 / 5

See it, buy it.


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