Silence of the lambs - BR review

Silence of the lambs US release
This show is all about the plot great acting and a superb mood. It defined the whole Cannibal genre, and these days, people will still shudder when they see Anthony - its his whole facial expression, and in particular, his eyes and the benign look which strikes fear in your heart.

PQ is above average for a show which is almost 20 years old but there was no special remastering.
AQ is mainly frontal and does not envelop you like modern thrillers.
The action comes in spurts, but it relies less on shock tactics, and instead the whole mood is dark and yet it draws you in, in a way that cheap slasher movies cannot.
Chick factor: well Jody Foster looks good still but in 1991, she was hot. Plus the fact that she was a wonderful actress, you have the makings of a real diva. At the time, she campaigned actively for this role, even after winning for "The Accused".
Seeing an engaging and lovely Jody Foster sparring with the awesome Anthony Hopkins who really looks menacing was sufficient to make up for the prosiac PQ and AQ.
PQ 3/5
AQ 2/5
Plot 4.5/5

Worth a rental and you may end up keeping it.


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